"I've spoken to the regional manager.."

Everyone, please pay the 7-11 store on George Street near Myer Market Street a visit.
Pay your purchase/s with credit.
The operator will refuse and probably say "Savings only".
Use the magic line: "I've spoken to the regional manager", and then they will let you.



I've made a complaint to 7-11 about that particular store not letting me use credit to pay for my bus tickets (around $60). I've even argued with the cashiers. And the NSW Regional Manager got back to me and told me that it is unacceptable and if they refuse next time, tell them I have spoken to him. This afternoon was the second time I've been back and it felt good to use my credit card.

spring cleanout..

so, i'm like selling quite a number of items from my wardrobe on ebay, someone messaged me and said:

do you sell your clothes at home or at your shop? i prefer come to your place then try. is that okie?
thank u

w t f..?


i love it when ebay sellers put the effort in wrapping the item:

feels like a present >:)
me on the other hand, just shove the item in a satchel and send it off.. hope you guys won't ever have to deal with me on ebay :D



I sent a "takenote" to myself and I got it today, it says: Testing to see how long it takes to arrive...

Stupid enough, I still don't know how long it took.. But they really do handwrite it and with a stamp on the envelope!  So time consuming for the people to write them all out.. I randomly sent some to my friends too & a stranger..

Go on, send them to your buddies (and yourself).. I know you can't resist!



I have decided against going to the sales this friday.

no tsubi
no incu
no willow

Tsubi wasn't all that great last time, hated lining up for so long and there's not a big difference between the RRP anyway.


i love lollies these days, it's not funny - i can eat a packet a day !

life's been good.


very random, yes.